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Fresh Press Burger Parlor opened to the public on December 14, 2019. Justin Escherich, the owner, had a vision of running a burger shop that served premium burgers in a casual setting. Since opening day he and his team has strived to do just that. Seeing the success of his concept in Apache Junction he now aspires to open more locations valley-wide, offering his delicious burgers, dogs, shakes, and fries to more Arizonans.

Our Mission

Our mission statement is:

“Anyone can serve great food. We believe it is the pride and passion of the people who create that food which truly matters. Culture is by far the most important aspect of growing and maintaining a healthy and profitable business.”

Inside Fresh Press Burger Parlor

Our Culture

Do you know the difference between a positive culture and a workplace?

In a workplace, anybody can make a hamburger. In a positive culture, the hamburger is made properly according to the company’s specifications and served with every intention of making our guest happy.

We strive to build a positive culture in our restaurants and anything less cannot be tolerated because it means a certain death for our business.